The Six R’s of Becoming Socially Acceptable

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The Six R’s of Becoming Socially Acceptable

By Janice Godwin
CMO Special Audience Marketing
Power Editor Elite

Feeling socially awkward? Don’t know how to get people to like you? What if someone says something bad about you and thousands of people know it before you have a chance to respond?

Welcome to the world of social media. Over 80% of Americans are on social media—some very actively; others only occasionally. We want to show you how to become socially acceptable and get people to ‘like’ you, ‘share’ what you post with others, and get them to “click” to your website.

When you meet someone in person, you don’t start the conversation with the theory of relativity unless their name is Einstein. Start by thinking about the five top reasons someone would be interested in you. For example, if you’re a cardiologist, a person may be interested in:

  1. A heart problem they may be having
  2. Types of treatment
  3. Prevention of heart problems
  4. What your patients say about you
  5. Convenient location

Think of social media as if someone is standing in front of you. They may ask you where you’re from, what you do, or about your hobbies. With social media, you need to make posts personal. Talk about yourself, but not too much. Just enough to make yourself real.

Use engaging original graphics. DON’T ‘borrow’ from another website or social channel.

With every post you make you want people liking, sharing and/or commenting. “Like’ every comment on your post—not necessarily agreeing, just listening. If it’s a question, answer it. If the comment is out of bounds, but not damaging, you’ll find that other readers will correct it through their comments. It’s a conversation. Let it happen. You can delete comments, but they will remain on the owner’s page.

When you post on your business social page, you’ll be lucky if 15% of your ‘likes’ see the post. You have to pay (boost) to reach your potential clients and customers. The various channels have algorithms that categorize people by their interests, what they buy, age, gender, education, number of children, pets, where they buy, etc. Unlike broadcast and print media. And reaching your target market can cost pennies rather than truckloads of dollars.

Boost can be done two ways:

  • Click “Boost Post”
    • That’s like going to 7-Eleven for a 5-day old donut. The media is the primary beneficiary because it gets to pick the time the ad is delivered and to whom. They sell their product no matter how stale it is.
  • Use Business Manager

Get posts to your audience while they’re fresh with the backend of social media known as “Business Manager.” You can be guaranteed that you’ll pull your hair out over this convoluted system. But once you learn its ways, your options are almost endless. Better planning, targeting, timing, tracking and budget control. You can reach thousands of people beyond the ones who “like” your page. Plus you can A/B test messages and/or creative to determine which works best. I belong to the Power Editor Elite with advanced training and secret passages. Almost like being a Jedi Knight.

Now we’re talking. Getting people to come to your website or your office or buy your product is what we’re after. People share because they want their friends to see a post. Sharing is the social media equivalent of the marketing tactic we used to refer to as “word of mouth”. One share can get your name in front of hundreds or thousands of new faces.

Having reviews by clients not only helps boost your rankings, they will also move other people to become your clients. Facebook, Google Places, and Yelp are the main review places on the Internet. For each specialty, there may be other places like Best Doctors, Healthgrades, and RateMD.

One of our clients was in a very competitive market. We got him to the top of organic listings using Yelp. He didn’t spend for an ad on Yelp. The rating was all from organic listings that we helped to initiate with his clients.

REMEMBER: You CANNOT delete REVIEWS. On Facebook you have the option to enable reviews. If you want to avoid negative reviews, DO NOT enable the REVIEWS feature. That said, people look at all reviews and expect there to be negative ones. The goal is to get far more positives.

These 6 Rs are just the beginning of becoming more socially acceptable. Every business is going to have unique opportunities to reach the peak of social media. Think about all the people who will get to know you and LIKE you.

If you ‘d like a free analysis of your current social media strategy—even if it’s nothing—call us. We’re very social people.

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